Submission Guidelines

Now is your chance to submit project information for inclusion in the Gold Book. The goal of the Gold Book is to create as complete a resource of volunteer projects as possible. Submissions of all completed volunteer projects are encouraged. There is no project too small, too old, or too ordinary. Your project just might be the next great idea for another group.

August 1, 2017 is the submission deadline for projects to be considered for special recognition and awards to be presented at the 2017 League of American Orchestras' National Conference.

Project Submission Information

In order to carefully process and review projects for inclusion in the Gold Book, completed forms must be submitted electronically at  In the event that you are unable to submit electronically, special arrangements may be made by contacting Caitlin Whealon at 646 822 4083,

Gold Book Categories

Awards are given in the following categories. Before submitting a project, please review these descriptions so you can be sure that your project is being judged in the appropriate group.

Audience Development projects should have the potential to generate an increase in season or single ticket sales and/or attract non-concert going members of the community.

Community Engagement projects increase knowledge of the orchestra within the community. They have a greater value when there are internal partnerships between symphony staff, volunteers, musicians, etc… and/or external partnerships with other organizations within the community.

Communication/Technology projects highlight uses of communication and technology to promote and enhance volunteer activities. These projects should demonstrate effective use of contemporary technology to bring some aspect of the orchestra to a specific population.

Education projects bring music educational opportunities to children, youth, and/or adults by various means such as camps, classes, competitions, petting zoos, etc. These projects have greater value when there are collaborations with schools and other non-profits in the community. 

Fundraising is the Gold Book’s most popular category, highlighting creative and successful elements of fundraising projects. Fundraising projects are considered especially successful when there is a high ratio of profit to expense (i.e. at least a 60% profit to 40% expense ratio).

Leadership/Organizational Structure projects highlight attempts at building leadership and developing organizational structure by identifying, developing, and encouraging leadership. Leadership/Organizational Structure projects should present models for successfully engaging or training your organization and its membership.

Membership projects are designed to recruit, retain, recognize, and train orchestra volunteers. Membership projects should show an increase in membership numbers or an ability to retain current membership.

Service projects are any projects that focus on providing support or assistance to the orchestra, orchestra staff, or musicians. Service projects should showcase the unique ways you serve your orchestra and the community.

Helpful Hints

Thank you for submitting your project for the Gold Book and good luck!