Project Contact:
Elaine Cousins

Volunteer Organization Name:
Illinois Symphony Orchestra Guild of Bloomington-Normal

Orchestra Name:
Illinois Symphony Orchestra



Meeting group size of the orchestra:

Number of active members in the volunteer organization?

Name of the project:
Encore Recipes from the Illinois Symphony Orchestra Guild

Project Description:
Encore Recipes from the Illinois Symphony Orchestra Guild is a wonderful collection of favorite recipes from the ISO Guild, the orchestra, and community friends. The book was a labor of love to put together. With so many good cooks among our membership, it was easy to solicit and collect recipes. Original art work was donated by renowned artist, Harold Gregor, which made the book as appealing to the eye as it was to the palate.

Books are being sold at concerts, at a local cooking specialty store, at special events, and through Guild members' personal networks (book clubs, bridge groups, friends, etc.) We will soon begin to sell the cookbooks on the ISO Guild's web site (

Cookbook sales were particularly successful when offered in conjunction with an opportunity to taste samples of the recipes. Because of the diverse makeup of our Guild, our community, and the orchestra, we have recipes that are as varied as we are. There are recipes for both experienced and beginning cooks and recipes from many different countries. Some are quick and easy to put together while others require more time and skill to prepare. In addition to the recipes and art work, there are quotes from famous composers and musicians about food and music and the orchestra musicians who submitted recipes provided whimsical suggestions for music to best pair with their recipes.

1. What were the goals or desired outcomes of this project? Raise money for the orchestra; increase orchestra visibility in the community.

2. How was the need for this project determined? Review of the orchestra's budget led us to want to do a new fund raiser and a request for a Guild cookbook that was long out of print led us to think the time was right for a new one. In addition, the Guild is lucky to have many excellent cooks among its members.

3. How was the success of this project measured?
Amount of money raised and publicity generated by the cookbook.

4. What new information/ideas were gained as a result of this project? Learned what good cooks we had in the Guild and in the orchestra and how easy it was to put together a cookbook with the help of a cookbook publisher.

5. What obstacles or difficulties had to be overcome in completing this project? Recipes needed to be tested and proofed carefully.

6. Was this a new twist to an old idea or former project? If so, what was the difference? This was a new activity for the Guild. Although a cookbook had been done many years ago, none of the organizers of the previous cookbook were still actively involved in the Guild.

7. Do you think you will repeat this project? If not, why? New recipes might warrant a new edition in the future, but not until present inventory is sold. The cookbook committee really enjoyed working on the project. It was a pleasure to collect and test the recipes.

Role and number of volunteers involved:
Planning Volunteers

1 volunteer to coordinate project, write general information about the orchestra, the dedication, and acknowledgments as well as research musical quotes and serve as liaison with the publisher.

1 volunteer to write Orchestra member biographies

12 volunteers to review recipes, clarify instructions as needed, and carefully proof copy before submitting for publication.

2 volunteers to type recipes where submitters did not submit electronically.

Planning Start Date:

Project Dates:

Gross revenue from all sources:

Total expenses for this project:

Net Revenue (Expense):

The total value of all in-kind contributions of donated products and services.
original art work Publicity in the local newspaper - complete with color photos